Who we are

Mada is a brainchild of Davide Bandiera and Massimo Pilastro.

This is a well-rounded business plan, that joints the passion for flower design and the unique flavour of an Italian style set-up.

An international project supported by a strong and cohesive team. A gala dinner or a private event for a few closed friends or for an important audience, Mada focuses on the customer wishes.

We start with a sharing of an idea to get to its highest realization with an ambitious goal: to transform the ordinary in extraordinary.

Mada is a project of complete set-up; it’s the pure art of decoration.

Vases, candles, lanterns, chandeliers, tissues and furnishing accessorises. In Mada, every item finds its proper place. Beautiful without being noisy, elegant but not lavish, royal without excess. It is the expression of the real Italian style, made of small details and great treasures.

Summoned, suggested never shouted.

A Mada set-up is simple but never trivial. It’s synonym of accuracy, passion and elegance

Our D.N.A

We have a deep respect for the fruits of nature. Every flower, plant and tree is a wonder that happens day after day.

Seeds, pods, branches and small trees. If possible, we use raw materials coming from local farmer.

We respect the cycles of seasons, the natural ageing processing, the life that born again.